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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this course, new users will learn how to navigate and search the public customer list and how to manually input sales items and sales values in order to generate a public sales ticket. A 10-point test at the end of this learning unit will be issued with a minimum passing score of 70%.

Modules in the Course:
FAQ: How Do I Edit A Completed Dealer Scale Ticket?
FAQ: How Do I Add an Inventory Item or Group?
FAQ: How Do I Backdate A Dealer Check?
FAQ: How do I ship an Open Bin?
FAQ: What Reports are available to track Advances?
FAQ: Why Didn't the ID Scanner Screen Load?
FAQ: How do I use my fingerprint scanner? (ROM Express)
FAQ: What are the most commonly run purchase reports?
FAQ: How to Prevent Items from Showing on the Public Price List
FAQ: How do I search for a dealer purchase ticket?
FAQ: How Do I Restart The M2Sys PlugIn?
FAQ: How Do I Restart the ROMID Scanner App?
FAQ: How do I Create a Finished Goods Tag?
FAQ: How Can I Restrict Users access?
FAQ: How Do I Backdate A Dealer Scale Ticket?
FAQ: How Do I Add A New Unit of Measure?
FAQ: Public ticket payment is "Over printable limit"
FAQ: How Do I Designate a Commodity as "Regulated?"