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Workstation Setup and IT Guides

This catalog contains guides related to the set up needed to use ROM in a workstation, as well as documents related to SQL Maintenance Jobs . By default this documents are only visible to Key Users, please download these guides and share them with your IT department so that they know how to set up a new workstation to work with ROM.

Installing and Configuring ROMClient Software

The ROM Program is installed on a central server and is accessed by many users. The RomClient software is a program that allows a workstation to access the ROM program directly using Remote Desktop Services.

Installing and Configuring the ScalesServer Program

The scale server program is a program that allows the ROM program to interface with a physical scale and have the current weight show in ROM in real time. When properly configured, the ScalesServer program will allow a scale output to be captured in the ROM program.

Scale Configuration Information

A powerful feature of the Recycling Operations Manager System is its ability to link directly to the scale head. In order to do this, and because each scale head is different, we have developed the following specifications. Please confirm these settings with your scale company.

Setting up SQL Maintenance Plans

As part of standard SQL usage, internal maintenance is required for ROM to provide the most efficient use of queries. Additionally, Backups should be made regularly in case any corruption or data loss should occur. This document defines the three primary SQL Maintenance plans needed.

Camera Set Up

The ROM Camera System is designed to allow pictures to be captured through network-enabled cameras and recorded in ROM. New section on PTZ Control was added to this guide on June 2016.

Camera System Troubleshooting

This guide has been created in order to assist users in troubleshooting problems with the camera system whether this involves viewing a live feed, controlling a camera, or Taking pictures in ROM.

Truck Scale Lights System Overview

The Truck Scale Lights system is designed to increase the flow of vehicles at a scale by giving the drivers clear indications of when they can move off the scale.

Workstation Setup – Printers and Settings

This document has been created to assist users with the process of creating a new workstation in ROM. This includes adding printers, configuring ROM printouts, and adjusting settings in General settings. Configurations outside of ROM such as ID Scanners, scales, and cameras are discussed in separate documentations.

ROM ID Capture Software

The ROM ID Capture software is designed to allow ROM to communicate directly with Specific hardware attached to a local workstation. Version: This document is current up to ROMIDCapture v1.9

ROM Email System

The ROM Email system is designed to allow users to send Transaction printouts directly from ROM using their existing e-mail server. This can be used for sending transaction printouts to a client for their records or for sending internal status updates such as current Inventory.

Troubleshooting ROM ID Capture software and Scanner Hardware

The ROM ID Capture software is designed to allow ROM to communicate directly with specific hardware attached to a local workstation. If there are problems with the hardware, then the ROM ID Capture software may not function properly. This document has been created to aid in troubleshooting any issues that may occur with the ROM ID Capture.