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PDF Guides related to inventory

FAQ on Inventory

This document includes Frequently Asked Questions regarding inventory and can be used as a guide on how ROM inventory numbers should be reviewed. We encourage all our customers, except those that use the WIP as unprocessed system (AKA 100% tagged inventory), to read this guide.

Automated Inventory Adjustments & Automated Shrinkage

To assist with the process of month end closing and the management of inventory, ROM offers options for setting up automated inventory adjustments. These adjustments are created by the system each time Recosting is run using instructions from the user.

Material Sort PDF Guide

The Material Sort feature is designed to simplify the process of adjusting inventory. With this feature, scale-level users can easily record the results of sorting material through a touch-screen interface. This is an add-on module that is not available by default. Contact 21cp if you are interested in getting a quote.

Production Adjustment

Production adjustments are used in ROM as a way to ensure material values are maintained when material is transferred, broken down, or otherwise processed. This system allows ROM to record an inventory transfer for items that are not directly linked. This is best used as an after-the-fact entry to link materials that have been processed, such as a WIP tag into a Finished Good.

Consignment System

The Consignment system is designed to allow users to maintain inventories which are separate from the current plant. This can include offsite holding areas for local inventory, customer holding areas, and as a method of tracking material being moved to various other locations. Each consignment yard will have its own inventory, inventory prices, and COGS which are tracked individually through audit tracking for each yard.