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Price Lists

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Dealer Price List

This function allows the creation of Price List that then can be set up at the default pricing option on purchase settlements, can be linked to specific customers, can be used in formula pricing on orders and/or can be archived for historical purposes.

FAQ: How to Prevent Items from Showing on the Public Price List

Courses found in the Frequently Asked Questions track have been created to help ROM users refresh their memory on how to perform common transactions and functions within the Recycling Operations Manager software system.

Max Dealer Price List

The Dealer Max Price system is designed to allow managers to set restrictions on user-entered prices paid to dealers on a Dealer Purchase Ticket. Optionally, this restriction can be extended to include prices on Purchase Orders as well.

Price List Import System

The Price List Import System is designed to simplify price list management for users by allowing them to set prices on a Microsoft Excel document (.xls, .xlsx) and import this directly into ROM using a template format.