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Remove Edit Locks and Reset Tickets

PDF guides on how to remove different kind of edit locks and how to reset tickets for purchase/sale

How to remove an edit ticket lock on a dealer scale ticket

You will need to remove an edit ticket lock when you get a message that says that the scale ticket you are tying to open is already open by "x" user at "x" workstation but this isn't true.

How to remove edit ticket locks (PUBLIC TICKETS)

To protect the integrity of data, ROM prevents more than one user from editing a ticket at the same time. Occasionally the system may believe a ticket is open at a workstation when it isn’t. In those cases, it’s necessary to remove the ticket lock to be able to open and work on that ticket. This guide explains how to

How to remove the user administration screen lock?

This document shows the steps to follow when, trying to open the User Administration Screen, you get a prompt that says "User Admin is currently edited by (your username) and cannot be edited by anyone else until realeased". This is a PDF guide, you may download it by clicking on the link under "Handouts" .

How to reset a scale ticket for purchase or sale

Some rare events could make ROM think that a scale ticket has already been purchased/invoiced although the Dealer Purchase/Invoice was not saved. The scale tickets affected will not be available at the Dealer Purchase/Invoice screen for purchase/sale This guide explains what to do in those cases.