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Industrial shipping/receiving

ROM Overview - 101

In this course, users will be introduced to the ROM system through two different login styles. Users will also learn how to navigate through ROM and properly exit screens.

Industrial Customer Information & Maintenance - 101

In this class, users will learn how to maintain customer/vendor information - including inputting new contact information, editing current dealer information, searching dealers and setting defaults. and special prices for dealers.

Simple Shipping - 109

In this course, users will learn how to create a shipping ticket, and attach purchase orders to the scale tickets.

Detailed Shipping - 209

This type of shipping ticket differs from a simple shipping ticket because it allows the user to pre-stage an out-bound load and create a packing list. In this class we will also touch on using the tractor/trailer weights in the instance where one tractor drops off the empty container and a different tractor picks it up.

Scale Receiving (Live Dump) - 111

This class is designed to show you how to create a receiving scale ticket via Live Dump. In this class, we'll cover the definition of a Live Dump transaction and show you how to navigate the module in order to properly create a new scaling ticket with variations for contamination, split line, open bins, etc.

Scale Receiving (Live Dock) - 112

The Live - DOCK (NO Truck Weights) screen is typically used for package weights when the truck scale weights are not important and there are several different commodities (or even just 1 commodity) in multiple packages and each needs to be weighed individually to compare against the shipper's packing list.

Scale Receiving (Mixed Loads to Sort) - 113

This course will cover how to create a new Mixed Loads to Sort Truck Scale Ticket in the system. This type of scale ticket is used to receive multiple items and have the truck scale weights recorded prior to sorting.

Finished Goods - 103

In this course, students will learn about finished goods, how to create a finished goods tag, and what this part of the system does to improve efficiency for inventory tracking and shipping.

Open Bin Inventory - 105 Part 1

In this class, students will learn how to create a new open bin, add weight to a bin, and search for bins.

Open Bin Inventory - 105 Part 2

In this class, students will learn how to edit an open bin, remove weight, and close a bin. Searching and reporting options will also be demonstrated.